I have received numerous complimentary emails from all parts of the world about my figurines, so I thought I should write a little bit about myself.

I have always had an interest in the history of fashion. Having been a couture seamstress for most of my working life I wanted a change of direction.

Searching for information on the internet, I came across an article about porcelain lace draping which I found intriguing. So I purchased a set of Jamar moulds of lace draping figures and started to teach myself the art of lace draping.

I was pleasantly surprised that my first attempt turned out so well, although it did have some cracks. Since then I have tried to do something different with every figurine I have produced. I experiment with different textures and designs so that each figure is unique.

There are not too many lace draping figurine moulds available on the market in the U.K., so it became obvious that I would have to make my own. It took a while before my sculptured faces were good enough to reproduce in porcelain, but with practice, and a lot of patience I began making plaster moulds of my own.

Recently I started sculpting dressforms and mannequins as well as the lady figurines, which you can now see on these pages.

I have now been lace draping since 2002. I hope that my work will continue to bring as much pleasure to others as it does to me to create it.

Yorkshire, UK